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A headache sounds like a minor issue, but those who suffer from headaches know better.

There are many causes of headaches.  Automobile accidents or other trauma, emotional or physical stress, dehydration, muscle spasm, poor nutrition, toxins and  also spinal misalignments.  

When a headache hits, there are three options:

  • Ignore it

  • Take medication

  • Remove the underlying cause


Most people choose the second option, reaching for over the counter pain killers.  These may stop the pain, but they don't remove the cause of the pain, which means that the headache will return.  And due to a phenomenon called "rebound headaches", excessive use of over the counter medications can actually increase headache intensity and duration. 

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Dr.Suzi Desai works with their patients to permanently remove the cause of headaches.  Imagine waking up every day without a headache!!  Imagine not having to take medication every morning because you know you're going to have a headache later that day!!  What you are imagining is what chiropractic treatment can do for you!!!! 

Every patient's condition is different, so the first step toward treating headaches is making an initial visit for a full Chiropractic exam.  Once the cause(s) of the pain is determined, treatment options can then be considered.
Chiropractic doesn't settle for masking pain.  Chiropractic's goal is to remove the root cause of the pain.  Isn't that your goal?

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