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An allergy is an abnormal reaction by the immune system to the presence of a substance.  A substance that produces such a reaction is called an allergen.  Allergens can include pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, among many other substances.  When the body reacts to an allergen, it produces antibodies that attach to certain cells within the body.  Those cells are found in the gastrointestinal tracts, the respiratory system, the nose, and the skin.  These antibodies work to flush the allergen from the body.  The symptoms of an allergy are similar to those of a cold.  


​​Asthma is similar to an allergy in that the respiratory system becomes inflamed and obstructed.  It is unlike allergies in that the immune system does not play a role in Asthma, and so factors other than the presence of allergens trigger symptoms.  Triggers for Asthma include stress, anxiety, cold air, dry air, exercise, hyperventilation, smoke, or other irritants.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Immune and respiratory systems depend upon good communication between the body and the brain.  The spine is the pathway for that communication.  Damage to the spine, even damage so minor that it may not be noticeable, can bring about conditions such as allergies and Asthma.  Drug companies make a fortune by treating the symptoms of these conditions for the lifespan of the patient.  However, drugs do not remove the cause of these problems.  However, because allergies and Asthma can be caused or exaggerated by spinal damage, Chiropractic can often relieve these conditions without the assistance of medication.

In addition to correcting the spinal issues that facilitate allergies and Asthma, Chiropractors are trained to provide patients with the knowledge and tools they require to remove the external causes of biochemical imbalances, such as improper nutrition and environmental toxins, which can trigger immune and respiratory conditions.

There are natural remedies for Asthma, allergies and other immune and respiratory conditions.  Chiropractic is able to provide you with the natural remedies best-suited
for you.

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