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Lumbar Stabilization

Lumbar paraspinals are the muscles which control movement of the low back.  These muscles are responsible for extension, stabilization and lateral flexion of the low back.  The abdominal muscles are the primary flexors of the low back (they help you bend forward and sit up).  These two muscle groups stabilize the spine and provide protection against injury.  It is imperative to the health of your lumbar spine that these muscles are strong and well balanced.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Lumbar Stabilization is a program focused on increasing the strength and flexibility of these muscles.  At South Tampa Chiropractic Clinic, we have the therapeutic equipment, experience and knowledge to help design a program tailored to your specific needs. 

Lumbar Stabilization will:

  • Provide better control over the spine

  • Reduce lower back pain

  • Assist the body in healing muscle and ligament damage

  • Help prevent future back injuries

Lumbar Stabilization is a form of physical therapy.  Its goal is to develop strength and flexibility in the lumbar paraspinals and abdominal muscles, which support and protect the spine.  When these muscles are strong, the burden of carrying the weight of the body can be shifted from the spine to the paraspinal musculature.  Their strength combined with Chiropractic instruction on proper lumbar stabilization techniques allows patients to achieve proper posture positioning and control by maintaining a neutral spine.
The neutral spine is the position which places the least stress on the back and gives the patient better control over the movement of their spine.  The neutral spine is achievable by patients through lumbar stabilization, and will pay off in fewer injuries and less pain throughout the patient’s life.

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