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Sciatica is a shooting or stabbing pain in the lower back or leg.  It can also result in a loss of sensation, loss of motor function, or weakness.  Sciatica is also referred to as radiculopathy.
Sciatica occurs when a nerve root is pinched or irritated.  That pressure can be caused by a herniated disc, a bulging disc or a misaligned vertebrae.  Sciatica pain can be located nearly anywhere from the buttocks to the little toe.  The location of Sciatica pain depends upon which nerve root is being affected.


What Triggers the Pain 

The onset of Sciatica can be triggered by any number of events.  Sitting at a desk for an extended period can cause symptoms.  In addition, a traumatic event such as a slip and fall or an automobile accident can result in sciatic pain.  Because the Sciatic Nerve is long and discomfort can occur at any point along its length, pain may shift locations and may radiate, shoot, stab, or merely ache, depending on where the pressure is on the nerve.

The Role of Chiropractic Care

Traditional treatment of sciatica usually involves medication, advising the patient to take the medication and ride out the pain until it "goes away".  But Sciatica rarely goes away on its own!
Chiropractic does not believe in masking the symptoms of Sciatica.  Instead, Chiropractic confronts the cause of Sciatica with cautious yet deliberate treatment.  Chiropractic treatment includes locating the source of pain, then using techniques such as gentle spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, massage and other therapies to resolve the cause of the pain. 

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