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Disc Decompression (Flexion Distraction)

Flexion/Distraction relieves pressure on a patient's discs and facet joints by gently stretching the spine.  This technique is a gentle, non surgical spinal manipulation procedure.  Flexion/Distraction is a spinal decompressive techique which is a safe alternative to back surgery and is well researched and well referenced.  This technique reduces disc pressure, re-aligns the spine and restores range of motion.  Flexion/Distraction is extremely effective in the treatment of radiculopathy (radiating pain).  The relief of pressure on the spine that the flexion/distraction table provides helps to restore the flow of nutrients to the spine and facilitates healing.
Flexion/Distraction can help improve disc bulging, thus relieving the pain caused by disc pressure on surrounding nerves and the spinal cord.
Decompression is not for every situation, so a consultation is always required before it can be prescribed.  Dr. Suzi C. Desai has extensive training in this decompressive technique.  In the past decade Dr. Desai has treated thousands of patients utilizing this technique.  Why not let this experience help you!?  

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